Department of Family Development

Head of department : Dr. Fatima Omer Nabag Mohamed

This department it is entrusted to perform the following :
a. Prepare & excite programenes for women social, health, environmental & economical care.
b. Prepare & excute programmes for rural &urban women development in cooperation with the agricultural & forestry colleges.
c. Prepare & excute programmes for gifted & talented children & those with special needs in cooperation with the faculty of Education.
d. Design programmes for child preventive health.
e. Supervise the post graduate diploma in women development & redesign a Master degree by course in the department speciality of women development.
f. Coordinate with Human Development college in the intermediate diploma.
g. Establish a molded family counciling centre.
h. Establish a child studies centre.
i. Design projects for we fore & rehabilitation of women in conflict areas.

Academic Programs:


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