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The Institute for Family and Community Development in Sudan University of Science and Technology “SUST”, Celebrates the Arab & International Day of Older Persons


Within the framework of the Arab & International Day of Older Persons Celebration. In observance of this Day the Institute held a festival at ad-Daw Hajuj Care Home “Dar ad-Daw Hajuj” for older persons, located in Khartoum North. Dr. Hadia Mubarak as-Shaykh, Dean of the Institute, addressed the attendees saying that it has become customary for the Institute to celebrate this day, which prepares students to connect to the wider community and participate in community service. “This initiative has been launched to facilitate reunion of the elderly and return them to their families. It is worth mentiong that the Institute provided in- kind materials and food for the elderly. This celebration has been arranged to entertain the elderly and provide technical session on this subject matter,” She added. On the other part, as-Sadiq Ahmad ‘Umar, the Director of ad-Daw Hajuj Care Home, shed light on the origins of the House which dates back to the year 1928, saying that it has grown over the years, until the upsurge it has witnessed by the Man of Charity ad-Daw Hajuj. “Now the number of residents in this Home is 41, suffering from psychological problems, and all of them are displaced persons whom have been referred to this Home by the Department of Police Community Security,” he said. Noting that the Management of this Home does not permit the admittance of any person who comes to it through his family, and only allows admittance to those who are referred to it by the Department of Police Community Security, provided that the referred person must be healthy, and in particular not carrying communicable diseases, adding that the House receives support from the Ministry of Guidance and Social Development as well as from well-wishers.